The 10 Types of Single Women Men Usually Meet

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types-single-womenThe type of strategy a man uses when dating can veer into any number of directions. From work or school connections, the assistance of friends and family or even internet dating, there’s no definitive answer when making the effort to meet single women. However, there are certain types of women that you’ll meet along the way.

Listed below are 10 types of single women that men will come across, each presenting different challenges:


Some women have been burned in the past by bad dating experiences and develop a tendency to remain almost distant on a date or in a relationship. They’re fully expecting the worst until you can somehow reconfigure their preconceived beliefs and may secretly try and sabotage things just to avoid getting hurt again.


The availability of an online dating website or men’s matchmaking service allows both men and women the chance to find dates. Some women, not to mention men, become so fixated on not being alone for the remainder of their lives that they’re willing to do anything, go anywhere or engage in practices that they might otherwise avoid.


An offshoot of desperate are those women whose biological clock may be ticking louder than before, which means that they’re looking to get pregnant. That can be problematic for a guy who simply wants to meet single women and plunge more slowly into a relationship.


On the opposite end, there are women that establish stringent standards that can be impossible to meet. Their list of requirements can be demanding enough that their dating pool is much thinner than it would be if they were simply a little more flexible.


Women in this category expect the fairy tale to come true or pursue someone they believe is their soulmate. They strongly believe in family and may seek to work just as hard establishing a connection with your family, which has both benefits and pitfalls attached.


Maturity issues are generally attached to women that always want to party or are too willing to follow someone else’s lead. Their lack of self-esteem comes through when looking at how they conduct themselves in social settings that could lead them to getting hurt if they’re with the wrong guy.


Insecurity can breed a jealous nature, even if no real issues exist. That can turn your innocent conversation with another woman into a major headache or require you to account for all of your actions when you’re away for her, which can quickly become an exhausting exercise.


Some women combine beauty and brains to make most men unsure about forging ahead with either a request for a date or pursuing a relationship. Their busy life may only allow them to use an online dating website or matchmaking service to search for the right man.


Conversation is a normal byproduct of any dating, yet some women can fall victim to not only talking endlessly but finding a way to work in gossipy tidbits along the way. The first issue should raise red flags, while the latter one is likely a tipoff that she’s focused way too much on meaningless things.


Both standard and internet dating rely on the belief that looks will be the first thing that brings a man and woman together. That sounds great if you end up with a date with a beautiful woman, but if you struggle to connect on a basic level, it’s likely a chemistry experiment gone wrong.

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