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Why our women aren’t Gold Diggers


Unlike our competitors in the elite matchmaking space, we do not find women through internet banner ads (Typically stating slogans like “Date a Millionaire”). The reason we don’t do this is because it naturally prompts “Gold Diggers.”

It is natural for a women to look for a man who is stable and a good provider. However, with that said, this type of banner ad focuses disproportionately on a man’s income. We find our women through natural networks and the scouting process. This specifically includes going to events and settings that have both attractive and caring women. We also work other such events that focus on women who are family and value oriented.



The Process –

We make everything as simple and seamless as possible, with very little time spent on your end. We do all the work for you.


  1. You share with us all the qualities you desire in a match, from physical to personality, faith, virtues etc.
  2. We go through profiles and pictures of the women and you pick your favorites!
  3. We reach out to the women, promote you and share your pictures, and when she is a “yes to the date,” we send you her contact info and you go on the date!

– Testimonials  –

Carson – “Danielle is very professional and diligent when it comes to the matching process. She is completely accurate on her portrayal of the service and the way things work. She seems to really care about the customers on both the men and women’s side and really puts her heart into making everyone happy. I was concerned whether or not I could be helped (being a bit on the short side) but it didn’t seem to be a problem. I began seeing someone monogamously after only 4-5 introductions, 6 months later when we broke up, she set me up with the woman whom I am now engaged to.”


Russel – “I had tried a matchmaking service before and had a less then desirable experience. I swore I would never try this again, but after meeting the matchmakers at VIP Relationships, I decided to give it one more shot. There was a stark difference in the quality of the matches, all of the women were quite attractive. I was set up with exactly  what I desired in terms of looks, location, job, personality, etc. I had a great experience with the process, and after finding my girlfriend, I referred a buddy who is going through the process now. Good experience all around. ”


Andrew – “Not much to say, Johanna is amazing! I had a bad experience with another service (which will remain nameless) and only tried VIP because a friend referred me and I saw the woman that they set him up with. The difference in the services was night and day, the women I was set up with were amazing. Johanna is a Rockstar!”


Gunner – “VIP Relationships – A+
I’ll keep it short, Great Matches, Great Service, Great Women.
So much better and easier than meeting women on your own.
The value that Katherine added to my life is immeasurable, as family and kids are very important to me. Definitely a five star service.”


Reid – “Lana is incredible at finding women that are both beautiful and good hearted. She was able to find and set me up with my fiancé after 10 dates or so. Most of the other dates and the women that I was set up with were on par with my expectations (all attractive and well put together). Lana is very good at delivering on what she promises.”


Finn – “The women are beautiful and Rebecca is great. They seem to put a lot of time into finding women that are very attractive and of high quality. I was uncertain about “outsourcing” my dating, but it makes sense as these matchmakers have a huge network of beautiful women and trying to find the right match on your own is particularly tough. I’m very happy with the woman I am seeing and my only complaint with the service would be having a bigger network outside of the city.”


Skyler – “Competent and hard working. A pleasure to deal with. They do a great job with recruiting women and matching, I would recommend them to anyone that is single.”


Erik – “Danielle = World’s best matchmaker!
She is smart, hard working and great at understanding human beings and matching them (most importantly she has a very extensive book of really incredible women!) Danielle is the best!”


Lane – “Excellent at understanding what clients are looking for and properly matching them with attractive and age appropriate women. I tried a matchmaking service previously and was very disappointed, but the matchmakers at VIP were able to get me set up with a great woman after about 2 months of dating. Outside of a couple of women that flaked on dates (not Michelle’s fault) it was a complete grade A experience.”


Gregory – “Angela is as great a matchmaker as she is beautiful. Her network of women is fantastic and she really seems to love helping people get together. I am currently engaged and would recommend her service to anyone. Angela is the Michael Jordan of matchmaking!”


David – “I tried a matchmaking service previously and was thoroughly disappointed as the women were all Gold diggers. Once I joined on with VIP, it took about 5-6 Dates before I found my fiancé Rita, who I have been dating now for over 2 years . All of the women I met through VIP were nice women and actually interested in a relationship for the right reasons, the personalities more so than the physical aspects are the key to what they do.


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