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I have always loved the process of connecting two kindred spirits. Doing analytics and “70 points of compatibility” simply doesn’t work, men want a woman who is happy and caring that is it! I find women who are simply happy and fun to be around, women who have a bit of that younger energy! This seems to be consistent across the board what men are looking for so this is what I find them!

Houston Matchmaking Professional

The key to getting men set up is having/building as big of a network as possible. I want to be able to give them as many great choices as possible whether it be tall/short or bubbly/philosophical. Having the numbers stacked in favor of men allows them to be able to choose from many great potential matches. This allows men to get set up with women they find highly attractive and with personality traits they seek.

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Whether you live in Houston, The Woodlands or Galveston men have been using VIP Relationships to find the perfect match for years. There are many beautiful women in the Houston area, however many do not frequent bars or social locations. If you are wondering why you have had trouble meeting women in Houston its can be incredibly tough for men over a certain age to find a match. VIP Relationships has worked hard to build a great network of women throughout Houston.

Our matchmakers are experts at helping men find great/high quality women. Long term relationships are what we do best, and that it revolves around our great network. We set you up with women that match a combination of age requirements, personality characteristics, and physical attraction.

We help successful men find marriage and long term relationships. We have a very large network of beautiful and caring women, because of this, we can do better for any man then they can do for themselves. Once we know your exact type, we set you up with women best fit to be your soulmate and friend. Below is a small sample of the women we are currently matching up, members have access to many more. We have a 4-Women-to-1-Man ratio and many beautiful single women ranging in age from 25-55. Feel free to contact us via our contact form below.

– Our 4 Women to 1 Man Ratio –

We stack the deck In your favor

At VIP Relationships we help successful men looking for true love find their dream woman. We accomplish this with virtually no time spent on your end.
We lead the industry by having a higher Matchmaker to Customer ratio than our competition (More matchmakers recruiting for us per male customer)
With our 4 women to 1 man ratio, a successful match is certain with some of the most beautiful and successful women out there.


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