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Phoenix Matchmaking Professional

There are many reasons I got into matchmaking. I have always played matchmaker since I was young and it is something that I love to do. I also happen to have a network of women in the Phoneix/Scottsdale/Maricopa County area that is unparalleled since I am a former Event Planner(I still do this part-time). My goal is to get men set up as fast as possible and put them into great long-term relationships. I generally work with men between 40-60 as that is my wheelhouse : )

Phoenix Matchmaking Professional

Being a former Model has allowed me to see many cities and meet many people. I love the analysis of people and finding out what makes people tick. I love the puzzle of finding men their better half. I get paid to act as a Model Scout so I seek and approach beautiful women all day long making the duel job of Matchmaker the perfect compliment for me. I have a really great book of women in both Maricopa County and in New York. I am best with matching men between 35-50.

Scottsdale & Phoenix Singles

When it comes to dating, nobody has built a network of beautiful single women like VIP Relationships. We have an incredible network spanning Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Tempe. We have a talented team of matchmakers that do all of the work for you, finds out what you are looking for, goes through pictures of potential matches, and selects women you are interested in meeting and set you up (for success)!

Using internet matchmaking sites can be very time consuming with poor results. Attractive women receive 100-200 emails a day stacking the deck in women’s favor. With personalized matchmaking things are the opposite. We have a 4 women to 1 man ratio and only set up women that are fit/attractive. VIP Relationships is a service designed for successful men who want to meet top notch women.

We help successful men find marriage and long term relationships. We have a very large network of beautiful and caring women, because of this, we can do better for any man then they can do for themselves. Once we know your exact type, we set you up with women best fit to be your soulmate and friend. Below is a small sample of the women we are currently matching up, members have access to many more. We have a 4-Women-to-1-Man ratio and many beautiful single women ranging in age from 25-55. Feel free to contact us on our contact form below.

– Our 4 Women to 1 Man Ratio –

We stack the deck In your favor

At VIP Relationships we help successful men looking for true love find their dream woman. We accomplish this with virtually no time spent on your end.
We lead the industry by having a higher Matchmaker to Customer ratio than our competition (More matchmakers recruiting for us per male customer)
With our 4 women to 1 man ratio, a successful match is certain with some of the most beautiful and successful women out there.


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