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There is nothing I love more than love. Being married myself, I believe everyone deserves to share their life with their best friend. I get to help connect men and women who’s ultimate goal is to find “the one” and I’m extremely passionate about that. I have a relationship with each match I bring to the table, I know exactly who they are and if they are compatible. This creates a very successful date where walls are down and the dates are fun, flirty and lead to a second date and ultimately love.

Tampa Bay Matchmaking Professional

I have always loved the process of connecting two kindred spirits. Doing analytics and “70 points of compatibility” simply doesn’t work, men want a woman who is happy and caring that is it! I find women who are simply happy and fun to be around, women who have a bit of that younger energy! This seems to be consistent across the board what men are looking for so this is what I find them!

Tampa Singles

Personalized matchmaking is an investment in your life. Where do you see your life 30 years from now, a family? kids? Let us help you. Over 40% of couples now meet through online or personalized matchmaking services.

VIP Relationships matchmakers work hard to find men the exact type of woman that they seek. We are a Men’s matchmaking service that caters to men by helping them date up. You simply let us know the type of women that you seek and we go through pictures, have you approve the women and then set you up.

We help successful men find marriage and long term relationships. We have a very large network of beautiful and caring women, because of this, we can do better for any man then they can do for themselves. Once we know your exact type, we set you up with women best fit to be your soulmate and friend. Below is a small sample of the women we are currently matching up, members have access to many more. We have a 4-Women-to-1-Man ratio and many beautiful single women ranging in age from 25-55. Feel free to contact us on our contact form below.

– Our 4 Women to 1 Man Ratio –

We stack the deck In your favor

At VIP Relationships we help successful men looking for true love find their dream woman. We accomplish this with virtually no time spent on your end.
We lead the industry by having a higher Matchmaker to Customer ratio than our competition (More matchmakers recruiting for us per male customer)
With our 4 women to 1 man ratio, a successful match is certain with some of the most beautiful and successful women out there.


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