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SF Bay Matchmaker/Miss NY 2012

In an age with people working 60 hours a week, bad dating apps and websites, I truly believe in the value of what we do. We can set up anybody! We are multiple matchmakers working 50 hours a week, simply to create and grow a network for you, so you do the math! By creating this network, we are able to deliver singles precisely what they are seeking both physically and personality wise.

SF Bay Matchmaking Professional

The key to successful matchmaking is having/building as big of a network as possible. I want to be able to give many great choices for potential matches. This allows singles to get matched with like-minded individuals with the personality traits they seek.

New York Singles

There are many people searching for a match in the New York area, however many do not frequent bars or social locations. New York can be incredibly tough for singles over a certain age to find a match. VIP Relationships has worked hard to build a great network throughout NY.

Our matchmakers are experts at helping people find the right fit for you, by matching a combination of age requirements, personality characteristics, and physical attraction. Long term relationships are what we do best, and that it revolves around our great network.

We help successful singles find marriage and long term relationships. We have a very large network and our matchmaking profiles continue to grow. Once we know your exact type, we set you up with someone best fit to be your soulmate and friend. Let’s get started. Contact us on our contact form below.

– VIP Relationships –

We help successful men looking to find their dream woman.

We accomplish this with virtually no time spent on your end. We lead the industry with a high success rate in creating the perfect match through our continually expanding network. Our matchmakers are standing by to help couples find success & love. Contact us today to get started.


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