San Diego Singles

Matchmaker Miss California 2013

As a former Miss San Diego/Miss California, I learned how to network and form relationships. I have been able to help many men find a great wife to marry and spend their lives with. I also became very involved with many charities and other such events, giving me access to creating an extremely large network of potential matches. My network consists of people between the age of 25-45 years old.

San Diego Matchmaker

I am a Matchmaker that loves setting people up. Helping men find their special someone is what I am best at in life! I have a very large network that I have worked hard to create through my involvement with Charity Events, Event Planning, Model Gigs etc. There is one common personality trait that I look for in women, a woman that is sweet/caring. Exclusive Matchmaking is all about finding men elite women to share their life with. I specialize in matching men that are between 45-65 years old.

San Diego Singles

San Diego is one of the toughest cities in America to meet your match. Because of this many singles have begun to utilize personalized matchmaking services in the area. VIP Relationships is a matchmaking service that builds networks of singles and our expert matchmakers spend a considerable amount of time building high quality networks in these areas in order to achieve great results.

We help successful singles find marriage and long term relationships. Once we know your exact type, we search our network and set you up with the best fit to be your soulmate and friend. Feel free to contact us on our contact form below.

– VIP Relationships –

We help successful men looking to find their dream woman.

We accomplish this with virtually no time spent on your end. We lead the industry with a high success rate in creating the perfect match through our continually expanding network. Our matchmakers are standing by to help couples find success & love. Contact us today to get started.


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