How to Know If It’s Love or Lust After the First Date

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lovematchmakingIn pursuing a romantic relationship, a successful man’s decision to meet women online can often be misconstrued as simply an opportunity to find someone to have sex with at the end of the date. While that might be the eventual byproduct, many men are seeking a long-term relationship.

That first date can serve as a litmus test in determining whether lust or love is the basis for continuing any pursuit. The typical online matchmaking service will attempt to match like-minded personalities in order to make a more direct connection, yet that method isn’t always foolproof when it comes to matchmaking for men.

Listed below are some ways to determine if you’re experiencing lust or love after that first date:

Level of Conversation

The interplay between couples on their first date can often discern the difference between love and lust. Determining what mutual interests are shared or asking about her family are ways that men show that love is their focus. In contrast, focusing exclusively on looks or being apathetic toward her everyday life denotes lust.

Peering Into the Future

After a date has ended, whether it’s through an online matchmaking service or not, a man’s focus tends to go in two directions. The first path looks down the road from a long-range perspective and whether or not you can see yourself doing mundane things with this woman. Such things might be connected to your willingness to offer her comfort when she’s ill or simply not feeling her best, something that constitutes love.

However, if all you’ve gained from the first date is enough information to plot a strategy to subsequently have sex with her, then lust is all you’re feeling. Matchmaking for men can sometimes be geared toward this side of the relationship equation, which doesn’t serve those who simply want a loving relationship.

Discussions with Loved Ones and Friends

Research into matchmaking for men has found that how the woman in an online date is discussed afterward can gauge the difference between lust and love. If you don’t dare tell your parents or family members about this woman, it’s lust. The same holds true if all you can discuss with friends involves the woman’s physical attributes.

Love, on the other hand, is indicative when you start working on how to set up a meeting between the woman and your family. If they’re not around, whether or not you want your friends to meet her is always a strong determinant.

Activity Meter

When you meet women online, you may not get a sense of exactly what they’re like prior to that first date. However, once that ends, any thought of future meetings will show the difference between love and lust.

Focusing on simply heading to the bedroom with little or no interaction outside of it is clearly a nod to lust. However, a willingness to spend time doing activities together among the general public shows that love is the main driver.

The Right Choice

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